West Tech Assemblage 2024 Half-Day Conference: Digital Citizenship

This year's West Tech Assemblage marked a monumental moment in history, hosting its inaugural half-day conference on digital citizenship. As the founder and Chair, I am […]

From Bicycle to Business Class to Joondalup

On March 15, 2023, I held a book launch and meet the author event at Joondalup Public Library, in collaboration with Dymocks Joondalup, to mark the […]

New discoveries and experiences

I was appointed an Auspire Ambassador in 2021 and has since been invited to volunteer my time to visit local communities throughout Western Australia to share […]

Batting for both India and Australia

I’m from India, where almost everyone loves cricket.  Millions gather around to watch the beloved Men in Blue with their friends and families.  It's a time for passion, […]

Special Book Launch Event at the WA Parliament

The celebration of Nilesh Makwana’s new book continued on Monday 22 August with a special event at the Parliament of Western Australia. Hosted by Speaker of the […]

The most significant moment in Nilesh Makwana’s career

Western Australia’s political, business, and academic communities have thrown their support behind Perth-based CEO Nilesh Makwana following the release of his new book Terminal 4 - […]

Book Launch & Discovering the Four P’s

On July 12, I discovered the Four P's. I was nervously sitting at Taj Palace during the book launch of Terminal 4: An Entrepreneur’s Journey from Bicycle […]

By Making Tech More Human, Are We Losing Our Humanity?

There is no doubt technology has made our lives easier and more efficient, but what are we sacrificing in return? If the 2004 movie I, Robot […]

The Importance of Saying Thank You in Business

Never underestimate the power of words, especially when it comes to business. ‘Thank you’ may not be the hardest thing to pronounce, but sometimes it’s hard […]

Why you should treat workplace diversity like a box of chocolates

The hiring process is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. But when the resumes start coming in, people often stick […]