Review Right

20 June 2022

Mensa Shivdasani

“In an age when education is often valued in terms of the marks one can obtain through rote learning, Nilesh Makwana’s book is a timely reminder […]
14 June 2022


“The book can be read by everyone as it is a wonderful book with lot of life experience. I think this book would really motivate the […]
14 June 2022


“With this book you get a front seat on an adventurous journey that is about struggle, hard work, and persistence. The quote before each chapter set […]
14 June 2022


“I am not much of a book reader, but this book had so many real-life experiences that I could relate to, and it kept me tied […]
14 June 2022


“I like the blend of humour and Nilesh’s raw experiences.” Krishna Karangiya
13 June 2022


“The book is indeed a must read for new arrivals to WA, students, and migrants alike. In fact, I think everyone can take something away from […]
13 June 2022


“The book is inspirational and motivational. It’s well written, witty, and racy. Nilesh shares his life’s experiences which are relatable, practical and easy to follow. Terminal 4 […]