Review Left

15 June 2022

Ian Hale

“Nilesh’s personal journey is one filled with optimism, perseverance, humility and a thirst for life that proves it takes much more than just a formal education […]
14 June 2022


“The best thing about the book was the honesty and integrity in the story.” Dev Kumar
14 June 2022


“I am an international student and have gone through a lot of struggles. When I was reading the book there were places where I felt like […]
13 June 2022


“I was brought back to my own migration days, and by reading about your journey I remembered many things I had forgotten about from my own […]
13 June 2022


“You have come so far, and in such an interesting and inspirational manner, all of which are conveyed with eloquence and passion. Your values, character, story […]
13 June 2022


“An enjoyable story of optimism, perseverance and the importance of making the most of every opportunity.  A great read for international students, migrants and for us […]
13 June 2022


“Terminal 4 by Nilesh Makwana is a fabulous tale of a lifelong learner, an adventurer, an entrepreneur and intrepid traveller. The account of his life is […]